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This Dress is yellow with flower patterns of the same color.  Has a solid yellow 4-1/2" band at the waist all around.  It has a 4" x 7" bow in the back.  A V-style back with zipper closure.  Has two solid yellow (same as waist band) inserts on the right & left side.

Size: ? (26" long from waist, 28-29" bust, 25" waist, full hips)
Condition: Good
Material: It is kind of silky (maybe rayon)

This is a really cute dress.  It is made by "La Sumer".  It is brown with white polka dots.  It has 7 pearl white 1/2" buttons.  The only thing wrong with this dress is that it is missing the original belt it has belt hoops & shoulder pads.

Size: ? (28" long from waist, 34" bust, 26" waist, 42" hips)
Condition: Excellent
Material: Silky/Satin lining

This dress is made by "Lanz".  It is black and has a white V-style collar that crosses at the chest.  Has a front button closure with a 4" black bow over it.  It has two pockets on each side @ the waist.

Size: Petite 8 (27" long from waist, 32" bust, 26" waist, 38-40" hips)
Condition: Very Good
Material: 50% Polyester/50% Rayon

This dress is made by "California Looks".  It is a peachy orangy color. : It has four 1/2" gold tone buttons w/ a white pearl ball in the center.  Also has a 35-1/2" belt of the same material & color with a silver tone 1-7/8" x 2" buckle . Also has two pockets on each side at the waist.

Size: 12P (26-1/2" long from waist, 38" bust, 26-36" waist, 50" hips)
Condition:Very Good
Material:50% Polyester/50% Rayon Linen

This is a really cute summer dress.  It is royal blue and has red roses.  Front closure with 7 red buttons.  The straps are Adjustable they have 2 buttons on each side.  It also has 2 pockets on each side at the waist.

Size: 13/14 (25" long from waist, 36" bust, 29" waist, full hips)
Condition:Very Good
Material:100% Cotton

This is a cute little dress.  It Has a little ruffle on the front and at the bottom of the dress.  It is black with white polka dots.  The elastic is worn out but is replaceable it has a small hole on the side in the seam very easy to sew.

Size: 12 (24" from waist, 38" bust, 36"-40" waist, full hips)
Material:100% Polyester

This dress is black it has a v-style neckline.  It Has a back zipper closure and two pockets in the front.  It has four black buttons at the waist.  It has shoulder pad and a 8" slit in the back bottom part of dress.

Size:?? (25" long from waist, 38" bust, 27" waist, 39" hips)
Condition:Very Good
Material: Polyester/Rayon

This dress is light pink with white floral pattern.  It Has two bows in the back and it is open from the back.  It has two thin straps that are removable.  This dress can also be worn strapless.  It has side zipper closure and one hidden pocket on the right hand side. 

Size:5/6 (24" long from waist, 29" bust, 26" waist, full hips)
Condition:Very Good
Material: 55% Cotton/45% Polyester

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